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Marry Your Vision, Not Your Plan

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Today (September 7, 2021) I had the privilege of speaking to a group of pastors. These are men and women of God who have, for the last 18 months, met every challenge thrown at them by a world in chaos. They kept believing God and faithfully serving their congregations even when it would have been easier to quit.

As I spoke from Acts 16 about the Macedonian call, something hit me deep in my spirit. These men and women were married to a vision, not a plan. They met the circumstances of the times by holding on to the vision God gave them for their church and community. They recognized their plans would have to change, but not their vision. And in that simple decision, they withstood the tumult of our day.

Nearly a year ago God planted a vision in the heart of my wife and I for equipping Ugandan pastors and leaders to plant disciple-making churches in rural and remote Uganda. Sherry and I know beyond a shadow of doubt this vision is from God. The plan to make that happen is still unclear but we are married to the vision, not the plan. We have a plan. But we submit that plan to the leading of the Spirit. When change is needed or unheard of doors open we'll trust God is at the helm leading us toward a greater future than our finite minds had percieved.

When Paul arrived at Philippi (Acts 16) he could not find a Jewish synagogue to preach in. His normal method for starting a new church was to preach in the synagogue, lead people to Jesus the Messiah, and birth a church. There were no synagogues in Philippi - so the plan had to change. The vision was to preach the gospel to Macedonia. But instead of starting in the synagogue, God decided to birth a church at a women's prayer meeting being held on the banks of a river (see. Acts 16:6-15).

You see, Paul's vision of a man begging him to come to Macedonia to preach far surpassed the plan for how it might happen. Being led by the Spirit, Paul willingly laid down "the usual" to do something different - and it worked!

What vision have you surrendered because it did not go according to plan? I have seen so many people give up because of one rejection or one failure. Yet, the vision birthed in them by God still burned - it was just God had a different plan for making that vision come to reality. What books are left unwritten? What cities go unreached for Christ? What orphans are uncared for? What nations are unevangelized because someone married their plans instead of God's vision?

What plans do you need to lay down today so that God's vision can be re-ignited in your heart today?

Dr. Davis

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