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You Got To Have Grow

To grow, one must change. To change, one must grow.

If you're still reading, then you are one of the brilliant ones who understand that change is inevitable so why not be intentional about it.

I've heard the age old complaint, "No likes change!" That is just not true. What most people do not like is that fact that change makes them feel out of control and they want control.

Growth is not about a leadership style! Growth is about possessing or learning to possess the qualities of grit and grace. What I am telling you is this, embracing a mindset of intentional growth empowers you to have as much control over the process as possible. Growth, because it's core element is change, demands you have grit to persevere and grace to move in an intentional direction.

But what is growth? It's tempting at this moment to give some complex plan with a magic system for growing your leadership. Well, I just can't do that because the secret sauce to growth all comes down to mindset. If you want to grow (grit) and you know you can grow (grace) then it's really a matter of deciding where to focus first. So, instead of a magic system, let me suggest you do a deep dive into the difficult but necessary practice of self-reflection. I highly recommend you do this with a coach who will help illuminate your blind spots.

No one can grow in just one area of life or leadership. Intentionally working on one area will naturally strengthen other areas. It's just the nature of being human. Think of like this - inner you and outer you. When you work on the inner you, the outer you has no choice but to change. The opposite is also true.

For example, I usually walk between 3-5 miles a day but an injury to my right Achilles has sidelined me for a few weeks. When I am consistently walking my mind is clear, I feel more positive, and my energy levels are through the roof. You see, the outer man of physical exercise positively impacts the inner man.

That said, here are five areas of self-reflection you must consider:

  1. Spiritual: how is your friendship with Jesus?

  2. Physical: are eating right and exercising?

  3. Emotional: how are you handling the pressures of leading?

  4. Relational: how are you relating with your kids & spouse?

  5. Leadership-al: what are you doing to enhance your knowledge & skill as a leader?

Notice I put leadership last! Why? Because without examining the first four and taking action, your leadership doesn't matter. But you cannot do self-reflection alone! You will never be honest enough with yourself or hold yourself accountable - it's just not in our fallen nature. You and I need three people in our lives if we are really going to grow with intention:

  • Counselor: this is someone who helps you look backward to reflect on those events & circumstances that have shaped you.

  • Coach: this is someone who helps you look forward and make actionable plans to get where you know you're supposed to go.

  • Confidante: this is someone with whom you can share vision, goals, and challenges who will in turn advise and offer their experience for your benefit.

As an Assembly of God missionary to Uganda, East Africa, I am challenged by my leadership to create an individualized growth plan. This plan helps me to think through personal, spiritual, and leadership goals so that I can have lasting impact on my field. God has called Sherry and I, but we have have to walk out that calling! To do so, we have to change. And to change, we have to grow.

Blessings,brilliant a are

Dr. Davis


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